Nano Machine Chapter 120 Release Date: All You Need To Know!

Nano Machine Chapter 120 Release Date: The vice lord has learned a lot about the ninja’s actual identity and the perpetrators of that horrific murder throughout his inquiry. Yet, he will still need help with his investigations in Nano Machine Chapter 120. Kyung employs a prohibited tactic, and its response is unknown. So, defeating him will be in the vice lord’s hands. Can he? We’ll see.

The vice lord will discover the ninja’s real identity in chapter 120. He is curious about the motivation for this. Nevertheless, before that happens, the vice lord will pick up on something and leave the situation to support the council leader Yeon. Can he save her? It still needs to be made evident. The ninja could, however, be able to aid them.

Nano Machine Chapter 120 Release Date

When the Nanomachine manga series debuted, it needed to acquire a larger audience of readers and viewers. Yet, it gradually became popular and garnered much spectator interest. In light of this, the makers of Nanomachine created a new chapter. The audience and readers are eager to learn more about the future chapters. Thus, we are here to present you with all the information on the next phase.

You’ll be delighted to hear that, Nanomachine. Already available in Chapter 120, which debuted on 26 August 2022. It may be seen in the previously available chapters. You must read the entire article to learn where the Manga series is known for streaming.

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Nanomachine Chapter 120 Characters

Yeo-Woon CHEON, Chae Taek Gyum, Ho-Sang Hwa, Woo So Jung, Baek Gi, Go Wang Hul, and Moon Gyu are the characters of the manga series.

Nano Machine Chapter 120 cast

Nano Machine Chapter 119 Recap Summary

Yeowun passed the fifth test despite being covered in a terrible odor. After 10 minutes of meditation, his body was cleansed of all toxins. Yeowun discovered he had consumed the blood of a dragon serpent within the cave. The ooze eaten by the body assisted in expelling hazardous substances. Yeowun observed that something was affixed to the stone room’s floor.

He soon recognized that the illusion depicted the horn of the white dragon snake. Then, Yeowun drew blue force qi to his finger and struck the horn with it. Yeowun passed his fifth test and was elevated to the master position inside the cult after passing his fifth exam.

After completing the examination, Yeowun emanated a trace of demonic presence. Instructor Hou Jinchang had already explored Demon Seal Cave but found nothing but traps.

Nano Machine Chapter 119 recap

Ma Yun prostrated himself before Yeowun, and Hou Jinchang presented him with a blade and a black dragon ball. Apprenticeship training was no longer possible; thus, he resolved to become a ruler.

Yeowun affixed the dagger to his waistband. He wanted to discard it immediately but couldn’t in front of Lee Hameng, the Left Guardian, or the other teachers. The instructors were ecstatic. After seventy years, there was finally someone qualified to take the examination.

Nanomachine Chapter 120 Story

Elder Ying Moha, who would crush the leader of the sword clan Kyung Bon Gi, might be featured in the next episode. Kyung has utilized the forbidden skill of blood reversion. The struggle between Cheon Yeo Woon and the masked figure, eventually revealed as the Great Guardian of the Heavenly Demonic sect, has concluded.

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Due to the reversal of blood qi flow for increased power and the loss of sanity, the blood reversion art has negative results. Yet, according to Kyun, the adverse effects have vanished following the completion of the blood reversion art. Yin Moha is awaiting Vice Lord Cheon, her only chance for assistance.

Cheon Yeo was prepared to pursue Elder Moha and the leader of the Kyun Bon Gi. Cheon anticipated discovering further details regarding the strange masked man. Because a powerful man may gain access to the Heavenly demonic cult, he may be an influential member of the Heavenly sinister cult and the Great Lord.

Nano Machine Chapter 120 plot

Nevertheless, the masked guy was able to locate Cheon Yeo, resulting in a confrontation between Kyung and the senior moha. Owing to their betrayal, Cheon Yeo pursued the expert masked guy. Cheon Nano’s abilities, such as night vision and attack prediction, assisted Yeo Woon in stopping the masked guy by allowing him to jump on him from a mountaintop.

Cheon Yeo was defeated by the masked man’s qi telekinetic sword as the combat began. Cheon Yeo then planned to fight the masked guy with the sword of the celestial monster. Eventually, his identity was disclosed to the world.

Mangas have achieved a great deal of popularity in the modern world. The unique tale and characters have been significant factors. Moreover, Chapter 120 of Nano Machine is highly anticipated. Chapter 120 of Nano Machine may add new characters to increase the chapter’s excitement. As the previous chapter had a strong response, the reception to the next chapter is expected to be even more favorable.

Where To Watch Nano Machine Chapter 120?

As you know, Nano Machine Chapter 120 has already debuted on websites like webtoon. There are also previous chapters available.