Amphibia Controversy: Disney, You Just Messed Amphibia up Big Time

Amphibia Controversy: I Respond to the Current Amphibia Season Finale Scheduling Controversy I’ve been a Disney fan for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching their feature films and shorts. I’ve appreciated their Disney Channel and Disney XD programs. They create fantastic products! But just because I like a company’s products doesn’t mean I’ll disregard them if they make a mistake. In fact, it’s because I like Disney that I feel compelled to call them out when they make mistakes. And you just messed up with Amphibia, Disney. HUGE TIME! Amphibia Controversy?

Amphibia Season Finale Has Been Postponed – Amphibia Controversy

Here’s a summary for those who haven’t been following the social media debate. Yesterday, May 1st, was supposed to be the debut of “True Colors,” Amphibia’s Season Two finale. Throughout the week, the show’s creator, Matt Braly, and his incredible team of writers, animators, editors, and others attempted to build up the buzz on social media. Matt had even scheduled a Twitch webcast the night before to communicate with the fans. It was going to be a fantastic evening for everyone involved. Then, less than 24 hours before the conclusion, Disney’s official TV Animation Twitter account released this bombshell.

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This caught everyone, and I mean everyone, completely off the surprise! Matt and the rest of the show’s cast flocked to social media to express their amazement, just like we did. They had worked so hard and for so long to ensure that the Amphibia season finale lived up to the anticipation. Then, just as it was about to be revealed, the Mouse yanked the rug out from under them.

People immediately speculated as to why Disney took this move. Some assumed it was to make room for the “Halfway to Halloween” promotion of two new programs that day. Some viewers began to blame other shows, such as Big City Greens, for their involvement. None of this helped, and if anything, made matters worse. Matt and the others encouraged us to be patient and wait for Disney to tell us when the finale will now show. Then Disney executed this ruse!

Amphibia Controversy

The Amphibia Season Finale is now available on iTunes!

You are not misreading that header. The season finale of Amphibia was discovered to be available on iTunes this morning. Did it happen by chance at Disney? Was it a computer error? Maybe Disney automated the procedure but neglected to fix it. But none of that matters. What counts is that “True Colors” is now available on iTunes. It only took a few hours for spoilers and leaks to propagate around the Internet, as predicted.

And, to my great dismay, I discovered the leaks on YouTube. I’m embarrassed about the whole situation right now. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t stop watching the leaks. But, more than that, I was upset with Disney. It’s one thing to postpone the conclusion without notice; we can deal with that. But then you go ahead and release the episode digitally? It’s disrespectful to the viewers and to the people who worked on the show; it’s just terrible, people!

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Amphibia Controversy

Amphibia Controversy: #AmphibiaDeservesBetter

By the time you read this, Disney will have removed the finale from iTunes. If this was the responsibility of a single individual or group of people, Disney might terminate them for their error. If not, they’ll have a lot of explaining to do in the coming days as fans and employees alike demand to know the truth.

Matt and several of his coworkers have asked people not to hunt for spoilers on Twitter out of respect for the program. Or, if they have, to remain silent about them. Someone has already posted images from the finale on Matt’s thread, which disgusts me even more.

Overall, I am quite dissatisfied with Disney right now. I’ve been disappointed with them previously for other reasons, but this is a new low. I genuinely hope they come up with an answer in the coming days, but for now, I’m furious. Disney, please make this right. And for people who read this, please use the hashtag #AmphibiaDeservesBetter to raise awareness about this maltreatment and hold Disney accountable.

Amphibia Controversy Video

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