Arin Hanson Controversy: Dan Avidan, the host of Game Grumps, responds to the Reddit allegations

Arin Hanson Controversy: Dan Avidan (full name Leigh Daniel Avidan) has been co-hosting the Let’s Play YouTube series Game Grumps with Arin Hanson since 2013. The long-running co-hosts videotape themselves and provide comic comments while playing various video games. Over the years, the show’s YouTube channel has amassed over 5.35 million subscribers, and new videos are released on a regular basis.

Though the hosts frequently post lighthearted content, Dan Avidan is now dealing with claims stemming from a Reddit discussion. What became of Game Grumps? Continue reading for a summary of the claims and Dan Avidan’s response.

What happened to ‘Game Grumps’?

Arin Hanson Controversy: On March 21, an anonymous Reddit user discussed her purported encounters with Dan Avidan. The post contained copies of text conversations and a video that she said Dan Avidan had sent her. He is not seen in the video, but a voice can be heard discussing the speaker’s hotel room’s jacuzzi tub. The video’s material is sexually explicit. The lady said that she began texting Dan Avidan in 2013 when she was 17 years old. (He would have been 34 years old at the time.) They initially became acquainted when she revealed that she was an admirer of his.

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Arin Hanson Controversy

The lady said that once she reached 18, their talks became sexual in nature. According to her article, they had a sexual encounter when they met in person in 2017, while she was in her twenties. He allegedly stopped talking to her after they were intimate.

Though Dan Avidan was accused of grooming, neither the communications nor the woman’s narrative suggests that anything sexual transpired until she reached the legal drinking age. Several more ladies posted accounts about Dan Avidan ghosting them roughly 11 months before this popular Reddit thread.

According to a previous Reddit discussion, Dan Avidan had a history of approaching women and convincing them that they would have a committed relationship. He would cease speaking to them after a sexual encounter. None of the ladies who contributed to this thread were minors at the time of their experiences.

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Dan Avidan issued a comment in response to the viral Reddit Post

Arin Hanson Controversy: Dan issued a response to Newsweek just a few days after the Reddit article went viral. He denied having sexual contact with anybody under the age of 18. He claimed that the woman referenced in the post was 22 years old when they became physical.

Arin Hanson Controversy

“I stand by the fact that whatever sexual encounters I had with the lady in issue occurred when she was 22 years old and we were both consenting adults. To assert that I engaged in any predatory activity is absolutely false “He claimed this. “I have made errors in the past, and I regret if my actions or words have ever harmed anyone, but those mistakes were never malicious, exploitative, or criminal in any way.”

Dan Avidan has been in a long-term relationship with Ashley Anderson. He hasn’t said when he started dating the animator, so it’s unknown if they were together at the time of the other alleged encounters. The allegations have not been addressed on the Game Grumps YouTube channel, nor on the show’s official Instagram or Twitter sites.