Jeff Goldblum Controversy: Jeff Goldblum Receives Backlash for Islam Comments to Jackie Cox

Jeff Goldblum Controversy: When he was born on October 22nd, 1952, both of Jeff Goldblum’s parents had a non-professional interest in show business, which he credits as one of the inspirations that led to his career choice. Also, he attributed his heightened focus and ambition to “save me and survive” as a young man to his elder brother Rich’s tragic death at the age of 23 in an interview with The Guardian.

Jeff Goldblum Controversy

On Friday night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jeff Goldblum asked if Islam was “anti-homosexuality” and “anti-woman,” which drew ire on social media. This week’s “Stars and Stripes” theme featured a patriotic runway walk by the seven surviving queens on the competition, which is presently in its 12th season. A red-striped caftan with a dark blue hijab embellished with 50 silver stars was worn by Jackie Cox (whose non-drag name is Darius Rose).

Cox, who is Iranian Canadian, said in a voiceover, “You can be Middle Eastern and Muslim and still be American.” “May I ask if you believe in God?” As a guest judge on the show, Goldblum asked Cox questions after she walked the catwalk. “I’m not,” Cox said. “To be honest, this group really shows how important it is for religious minorities to be seen in this society.”

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The actor asked Cox about Islam and how it treats LGBTQ people, “Is there anything in this religion that is against homosexuality and against women?” Does this make the situation even harder? I’m just talking about it and thinking out loud, which might or might not be a good idea.”

People on social media were quick to criticise Goldblum’s comment, with many pointing out that Islam isn’t the only religion that has discriminated against women and LGBTQ people in the past. Several people also said that the holy month of fasting for Muslims, Ramadan, started on Thursday evening. The actor’s questioning led to a deep conversation on the show about Islam, how it treats the LGBTQ community in particular, and how people like Cox deal with it. RuPaul said, “Drag has always, so to speak, shook the tree.” He seemed to know that the subject was a touchy one.

Jeff Goldblum Controversy

“There are many different parts to this presentation.” The host said, “If it was ever going to be done, this is the place to do it.” Cox said that “it’s a tough subject” and that she had “personal concerns about how LGBT people are treated in the Middle East” as she walked down the runway with tears in her eyes. Cox said, “I am one at the same time.” “I think it’s important that if you’re different, you live that way.”

When it comes to gender and sexual orientation, societal norms and conventional interpretations of Islamic sacred books might support a heteronormative binary, more than half of American Muslims (52 percent) believed that “society should approve of homosexuality.”

Cox went on to explain how the travel ban imposed by the United States, which prevents citizens of countries with a mainly Muslim population from entering the country, has affected her own life. Immigrants from Iran, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen are among those who are barred from entering the United States because of the country’s restrictive immigration policies.

It was difficult for Cox since her aunt was unable to travel the United States in order to help Cox’s mother, who was ill with Alzheimer’s disease. As a result of the implementation of the Muslim ban, I lost much of my faith in this country. And it’s created a lot of heartache for my family, too. The fact that you’re doing this really concerns me,” Cox stated as she stood on the runway. To show America that being LGBT and from the Middle East is OK, I had to go to the Middle East. However, I’m here, and I, like everyone else, deserve to be in the United States of America.’

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Jeff Goldblum Net Worth

Jeff Goldblum is a $40 million-worth American actor. He has been in some of the greatest blockbusters, but Jeff Goldblum has chosen to play unorthodox roles in limited-release independent films, and his unique demeanor in talk show interviews and other appearances is now gaining him new levels of renown.

Jeff Goldblum Personal Life

From 1980 to 1986, Jeff Goldblum was married to Patricia Gaul, the actress who played his Silverado co-star. When he was married to Geena Davis from 1987 until 1990 he became one of Hollywood’s most renowned couples (with whom he appeared in Transylvania 6-5000, The Fly, and Earth Girls Are Easy). Emilie Livingston, a Canadian Olympic gymnast, was Goldblum’s third wife, with whom he had two daughters.