Shaun King Controversy: Shaun King, an activist, has been accused of defrauding customers with his ‘Real One’ clothing line

Shaun King Controversy: Shaun King has been accused of defrauding clients who purchased A Real One clothes from him. According to Newsweek, several customers have complained that they have yet to receive their orders eight months after the company’s inception. Many people turned to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the apparel brand, claiming that they had not received their orders.

TV personality and comedian Ashley Ray wrote: Shaun King Controversy

“Hello, it’s been 8 months since Shaun King created a ‘secret apparel line’ that sold $165 sweatshirts, there hasn’t been an update since October, the entire Instagram has been wiped, and the last extant comments were customers claiming they still hadn’t gotten their purchases,” says one user. Ray learned that she was barred from visiting the brand’s Instagram account. Ray added, “lmaooo shaun king truly blocked me on Instagram on his main acct and all his scam side hustle accts, that’s so thorough.” King reacted to charges that his clothing line has been defrauding clients in an email to Newsweek.

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“We had approximately 3,500 orders and dispatched EVERY item,” he wrote in an email. “Every single one of them.” Approximately 2-3 times. About 150 consumers moved or experienced delivery issues out of the 3,500 purchases. We resent the purchases or handled refunds for those 150 clients.

“We recently emailed our entire client base to ask ANY customer who may have been lost in the shuffle to email us,” the email added. “Two customers responded, requesting exchanges or reimbursements for items that encountered problems. We also had 75-100 consumers that had mistakes in their email addresses or phone numbers and were difficult to reach out to.”

“When we then compare those prospective consumers with mistakes to all of the purchases that were delivered, we don’t see a single client with a contact information error who hasn’t gotten their order,” he continued. “However, we are still standing by to assist any customer who has a single issue or concern,” he added.

Shaun King Controversy

According to A Real One’s Website

The items are promoted as “100% organic cotton picked by Black farmers and processed and manufactured in Africa.” This hoodie is printed entirely by Black-owned print firms in the United States.”

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As EBONY Previously Reported

King is no new to criticism for his actions or work. Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed by police in Cleveland, Ohio in November 2014, called him out in 2021 for seeking to raise money in her son’s name without the family’s permission.

“As a white guy dressed as a black man, you are an impostor who cannot be believed.” My kid was 12 years old at the time… Period. The DOJ must restart his case. Tamir’s civil liberties were infringed. Why would you ever make it all about yourself? “You are a self-centered, selfish individual, and God will deal with you, White man,” Rice wrote last year. Three years after her son’s murder, Samaria and her family established the Tamir Rice Foundation, but they clashed with the activist over his claimed unlawful fundraising attempts.