The Mallorca Files Season 3 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer & Everything We Know

The Mallorca Files Season 3 Release Date: Season 3 of The Mallorca Files is eagerly anticipated by its admirers. Elen Rhys and Julian Looman portray a couple of detectives in The Mallorca Files, a British police procedural television show set on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Dan Sefton created the series, produced by Cosmopolitan Pictures, Clerkenwell Productions, BritBox US and Canada, ZDFneo, and France 2, and shown on BBC One. A second season was confirmed before the debut episode’s 11 November 2019 airing. Starting 1 February 2021, Season 2 episodes became available on BBC iPlayer and began showing on BBC One.

The Mallorca Files Season 3 Release Date

Will There Be a Season 3 of The Mallorca Files: Unfortunately, the launch date for The Mallorca Files Season 3 still needs to be determined. But we anticipate viewing its future series of episodes in 2023 or early 2024. The Mallorca Files Season 3 is in production, and the scripts are ready for filming, so it will soon air on television.

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The Mallorca Files Season 3 Cast

Since there needs to be more information on the renewal of The Mallorca Files’ third season, the official cast list has not yet been verified. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of the cast and characters from the first and second seasons of the series, and practically the whole ensemble is likely to return for the third coming season.

The Mallorca Files Season 3 Cast
  • Elen Rhys portrays Detective Miranda Blake.
  • Julian Looman portrays Detective Max Winter.
  • Mara Fernández ached in her position as Inés Villegas’s chief.
  • Nacho Aldeguer will play Federico Ramis, while Alex Hafner will return. Roberto Herrero
  • Nansi Nsue portraying Luisa Rosa
  • Tábata Cerezo will be returned as Carmen Lorenzo.
  • Denis Schmidt portrays Christianity.
  • Carlos Olalla as Carmen’s father, Joan Lorenzo portrayed by Olalla.
  • Tanya Moodie in place of Superintendent Abbey Palmer

The Mallorca Files Season 3 Story

The BBC has yet to approve the project; therefore, details on Mallorca Files season three remain few. So, it isn’t easy to discuss the plot of season three of Mallorca Files.

But, viewers can anticipate seeing the detective duo Miranda and Max solve crimes in and around Mallorca and the story cut from the previous episodes. As the last seasons indicate, season three has much crime-related drama.

Where to Watch The Mallorca Files Season 3?

The program aired on weekday afternoons on BBC One. The second season began on BBC One on 1 February 2021, and all following episodes were accessible on BBC iPlayer. The third season of The Mallorca Files should be published on the same website, as promised.

Where to Watch The Mallorca Files Season 3?

The Mallorca Files Season 1 Recap

Niall Taylor (Aidan McArdle), a gangland witness being returned to Britain by Miranda Blake, is murdered at Palma airport. Max Winter, who was present to watch his lover, intervenes to save Miranda from experiencing the same fate.

After being instructed to return to London by her supervisor, Miranda plans to remain in Mallorca to track down the murderer. After further members of the same gang are slain, Inés Villegas, the police chief, connects her with Max, and they begin an investigation. Max and Miranda are confronted with a case of stolen musical equipment at Jürgen Kuhl’s residence and studio, where he also broadcasts a disputed music program.

Jens Schmitt, who Kuhl punishes for not performing his songs, seizes Max’s revolver and holds hostage everyone in the house, including Miranda, while the investigators inquire. He demanded that the ceremony be broadcast live on television and that he dedicate a song to his ex-girlfriend Lena.

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Inés desires to wait outside for the mainland negotiators, but Max insists they should go inside because Schmitt seems unstable. Schmitt used Miranda’s help to tape Kuhl to a chair before his performance. As Carlos, the keyboardist looks to have a panic attack, Miranda takes over.

Max deviates from Inés’s approach and launches a stealth attack within the structure. On seeing Max on the live feed, Inés orders the other officers to enter the location. Schmitt is taken aback when Max approaches him behind while more officers surround and storm the residence.

Schmitt is detained following his performance, much to the pleasure of the crowd assembled outside the theater. Miranda earns a promotion in London, and Max proposes to Carmen, but she postpones their wedding. Nonetheless, Miranda finally decides to stay in Mallorca since she considers it her new home.

 The Mallorca Files Season 2 review

The Mallorca Files Season 2 Recap

Despite their seeming dissimilarities, Max and Miranda investigate the murders of opera singer José Castaa and a woman who committed suicide by drowning herself. They find that Castaa is a well-known philanderer, and the woman plays the violin. Castaa caused the dead woman’s pregnancy; thus, Castaa’s manager, Elvira Cortez, is a suspect because she also had a kid with Castaa.

Inés is faced with a decision when Miranda and Max present the #MeToo/I am Spartacus statements from 27 women who knew the maestro. According to Max and Miranda, who are investigating the matter, Oliver Barker was poisoned while eating a meal cooked by his preferred chef.

Until the autopsy reveals that he was poisoned with amanita mushrooms the day before, the guests at the table and the restaurant staff remain the leading suspects. By researching the suspects’ and victims’ pasts, Max and Miranda discover a link between the past and a justification for retribution.

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Revenge that puts the lives of innocent partygoers at peril. To inquire into credit card theft against guests at a horseback riding ranch, Max and Miranda drive to the opposite side of the island. After accumulating evidence, they charged José Rey, the grandson of the ranch’s owner, who was scheduled to retire and pass ownership to José.

The next day, when Xisco’s body is discovered, Max and Miranda are recalled to the ranch. The primary suspect in the murder, José, is pursued on horseback by two investigators under the command of José’s mentor Javier, who is unhappy because José is engaged to his daughter.

Javier narrates the history of the Rey family, including José’s grandfather’s unwillingness to retire, his mother’s drinking, and his father’s absence.

The Mallorca Files Season 3 Trailer

No Mallorca Files trailer has been released as of yet. But we will update this section when we learn more about season three of Mallorca Files. Thus, stay connected and visit our website frequently for the most recent entertainment news.