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Toy Boy Season 3 Release Date: Will There Be Another Sequel on Netflix?

Toy Boy Season 3 Release Date: In the Spanish television series Toy Boy, Hugo Beltrán is the male apostate convicted of murdering Macarena Medina’s spouse and sentenced to 15 years. Upon interrogation by the police, he claimed amnesia regarding the homicide.

You receive a new trial after seven years to establish your innocence. The series created by César Benitez, Juan Carlos Cueto, and Roco Martnez Llano moved viewers in its home country and around the globe.

Toy Boy Season 3 Release Date

Is There a Toy Boy Season 3? The second “Toy Boy” season was available on Netflix on February 11, 2022. Season 2 premiered on Atresplayer Premium in Spain on September 26, 2021, and ran until November 21, 2021, before being acquired by Netflix.

In the second season, there are eight episodes totaling between 45 and 51 minutes. The following is all the available information regarding Season 3. No renewal notification was received.

Toy Boy Season 3 Cast

Toy Boy Season 3 Cast

The Toy Boy Season 3 characters can be found below.

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  • Hugo Beltran Gonzalez is played by Jesus Mosquera.
  • Maria Pedraza plays Triana Marin.
  • Carlo Costanzia plays Jairo Soto.
  • Juanjo Almeida plays Andrea Norman Medina.
  • Alex Gadea plays Mateo Medina de Solis.
  • Pedro Casablanc plays Inspector Mario Zapata.
  • Maria Pujalte plays Carmen de Andres.
  • Carlos Scholz plays Oscar.
  • Miriam Daz-Aroca plays Luisa Garcia.
  • Virgil Mathet plays Philip Norman.
  • El Turco is played by Alex Gonzalez.
  • Federica Sabatini plays Rania.
  • Cristina Castano plays Macarena Medina de Solis.
  • Ivan is played by Jose de la Torre.
  • Germán is played by Raudel Raul Martiato.

Toy Boy Season 3 Plot

Hugo Beltrán (Jesus Mosquera) has an unpleasant awakening after a chaotic night of partying on a cruise ship when he discovers his ex-girlfriend is still beside him despite having been burned. It is disclosed that the body found in the home he shares with Macarena Medina (Cristina Castro) is that of the man with whom he was having an affair.

Toy Boy Season 3 Plot

Hugo recalls the events of that night, but he believes he was framed and is sentenced to fifteen years in prison due to a bungled trial. Seven years later, a young attorney named Triana Marn (Mari Pedraza) visits him and offers to defend his innocence in a new trial.

Hugo accepted the arrangement despite his misgivings and is on parole pending a new trial. Between Hugo’s parole and his practice, they must uncover the complex scheme that landed him in jail. Hugo is a vengeful ex-con who does not care about his or anyone else’s safety, so this will be difficult to achieve.

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Toy Boy Season 2 Review

The second season of Toy Boy received positive reviews from critics, but we anticipate the audience will respond positively to the third season. After the second season of the television series Toy Boy, Hugo continues to dance at the 1 percent while plotting against El Turco.

Toy Boy Season 2 Review

After Macarena reconciles with El Turco, she must cope with Borja. Andrea then takes over the family business and formulates a strategy to surpass his mother. Hugo then emerges from hiding to say farewell to Triana, despite being on the run from El Turco’s supporters.

Later, Macarena and El Turco get married, while Rania accomplishes her objective by making a decision she will always regret. Let’s observe what transpires next.


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