Tory Lanez Net Worth: Salary, Income, Bio & Career, Dating!

Tory Lanez Net Worth:  Daystar Peterson is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Toronto, Canada. His stage name is Tory Lanez, but most people know him by that name. Peterson’s mixtape “Conflicts of My Soul: The 416 Story” is the one that most people know him for. Tory Lanez signed with Interscope Records and Mad Love Records in 2015. I Told You, Lanez’s first studio album, came out on August 19, 2016.

Tory Lanez Net Worth

Tory Lanez is worth $4 million dollars. Lanez’s first album, “I Told You,” came out in 2016. Then, in 2018, “Memories Don’t Die,” “Love Me Now?,” “Chixtape 5″,” and “Daystar” came out (2020). His first single, “Say It,” got to #5 on the “Billboard” Hot R&B Songs chart and #23 on the “Billboard” Hot 100 chart.

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Tory Lanez Early Life

Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson changed his name to Tory Lanez on July 27, 1992, in the Canadian city of Brampton, Ontario. Sonstar, Tory’s Bajan father, and Luella, his Curacao-born mother, both died at the age of 11 from rare diseases. When Lanez’s mother died, he said, “I acted badly because I didn’t know how to show how I felt.

I was able to let out my anger and frustration through music.” When Lanez was 4 or 5, his family went to Montreal for the first time. Later, they moved to Miami, Florida. Sonstar’s work as a missionary and ordained minister caused his family to move around the country after Luella died.


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After Sonstar got remarried, he moved his family to Atlanta, Georgia. Tory’s friend Hakeem gave him the name “Lanez” because “he liked looking for thrills and running around the streets.”

Tory moved in with a relative in Queens, New York, in 2006 because of his bad behaviour. After that, he went to Toronto to stay with his grandmother, but she didn’t want to take care of him. Lanez told XXL magazine, “I ended up moving downtown with these three guys I didn’t really know.” I only fought them when I was 15 to 18.

I used to fight almost every day with these older guys. Everyone only cared about themselves. What made me a man was having to take care of myself and not having a father, grandfather, or mother to help me. After his mother died, he started rapping and called himself “Notorious” to honour Notorious B.I.G. At age 16, he stopped going to school and started going to outdoor events under the name “Tory Lanez.”

Who is Tory Lanez Dating?

Who is Tory Lanez dating: Insiders say that Tory Lanez is now single and making the most of his single life, but he has dated a number of well-known celebrities in the past.

Megan Thee Stallion, another singer, has also been said to be interested in him. Before the scary thing happened, they had been dating in secret but had broken up. The YouTuber Tasha K told the publication that Tory and the “Savage” singer had been dating for months.

Lanez doesn’t talk much about his personal life because he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Tory might not be dating anyone in public, but he might be seeing someone behind closed doors. We don’t know for sure yet.


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Tory Lanez Personal Life

Tory Lanez went to a violent house party in July 2020. When the police arrived, they found a hidden gun in his car and arrested him. Megan Thee Stallion, another rapper, was also in the car. She had hurt her foot and was in pain. At first, it was said that the injury was caused by broken glass, but Megan later said that it was actually a gunshot wound and that Tory was the one who shot. In October 2020, Lanez was charged with three felonies, including assault with a semiautomatic firearm.

He was also given a protective order that said he couldn’t talk to Megan or come within 100 feet of her. Tory broke the protective order in August 2021. His bail was raised from $190,000 to $250,000. Lanez has been in fights with Drake, Jacquees, and Joyner Lucas, among others. After their short fight was over, Tory and Jacquees went on tour together. Kai, Lanez’s son, was born in April of 2017.

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Tory Lanez Net Worth

Tory Lanez Career

Lanez started making music when he recorded and put out his first mixtape, “T.L. 2 T.O.”, in 2009. Soon, he started making his own music videos and became very well-known. At the time, Sean Kingston was a well-known name in the Florida rap scene.

Tory put out four mixtapes in 2010. They were called “Just Landed,” “One Verse One Hearse,” “Playing for Keeps,” and “Mr. 1 Verse Killah.” Sean went up to Tory after his mixtapes did well and offered to sign him to his record label, “Time is Money Entertainment.”

Tory announced “The Level Up Tour” in 2016. Because of his success, people knew who he was. In the same year, he said he didn’t want to be on the cover of XXL magazine because he was one of the biggest rappers in the business.

Memories Don’t Die, his second album, came out in 2018. 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa were two of the rappers who were on the album. The album’s first week on the US Billboard 200 chart put it at number three, and critics had mixed things to say about it. It was mostly criticised because it didn’t do anything new.