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Vijaya Gadde Net Worth: Salary, Husband Controversy

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth: Vijaya Gadde is a well-known American lawyer who previously worked at Twitter as the company’s Policy, Safety, Legal Lead Director, Chief Legal Officer, and General Counsel.

Vijaya Gadde Biography

Gadde was born in India to a Telugu family and migrated to America when she was three. Her father went to the United States for doctoral studies and could only send his wife and daughter once Gadde was three years old. Her family went to the city of Beaumont, Texas.

The Ku Klux Klan’s existence in Beaumont influenced her childhood, and her Indian father’s employment required him to acquire permission from the local Klan before soliciting insurance door-to-door.

Gadde graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & labor relations from Cornell University’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations and a Juris Doctorate from New York University’s School of Law in 2000.

What is Vijaya Gadde Net Worth?

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth: The net worth of Vijaya Gadde is approximately $55 million. Her principal source of income comes from her employment as an attorney. Vijaya Gadde’s monthly salary and other professional earnings total more than $4 million annually.

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Her extraordinary achievements have earned her a luxury lifestyle and expensive automobile rides. She is among the wealthiest and most influential lawyers in the United States.

Vijaya Gadde Net Worth

Vijaya Gadde TWTR Stock Sec Form 4 Insiders Trading

Vijaya has made more than 51 transactions of Twitter Inc. shares since 2014, according to Form 4 filings with the SEC. According to Bloomberg, she gained $451,00 in 2014 after selling 13,346 shares for $33.77 per share.

She presently owns around 848,296 shares. She would get $26,297,176 if her claims were appraised at the current price of Twitter shares.

She most recently exercised 1,814 units of TWTR Stock worth $74,900 on June 15, 2022. On November 9, 2017, she sold 135,000 shares of Twitter Inc. for almost $2,680,200, the highest transaction she has ever made.

Vijaya has traded an average of 6,313 units every 23 days since 2013. She still owns at least 6,517 shares of Twitter Inc. as of June 15, 2022.

Vijaya Gadde TWTR Stock Sec Form 4 Insiders Trading

Where Did She Work Before Joining Twitter?

Before joining Twitter in 2011, Gadde worked for over a decade at the Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. She was also a senior director in the legal department of the Silicon Valley technology company Juniper Networks.

While at WSGR, Gadde worked on Knight Ridder Inc.’s $4.1 billion acquisition of McClatchy Co. in 2006. He served as counsel to the New York Stock Exchange’s Proxy Working Group and Committee on Corporate Governance.

In 2018, she announced that Twitter would employ researchers to evaluate the discourse health of the platform.

In 2018, Gadde accompanied Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for meetings in India, where they spoke with some Dalit activists about their Twitter experiences; after the meeting, the activists presented Dorsey with a sign reading “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy,” which he was later seen carrying.

Vijaya Gadde career

Others viewed it as a legitimate response to India’s caste- and gender-based subjugation, whereas some critics viewed it as discriminatory against Brahmins. Gadde issued several apology tweets in response to the social media uproar: “I sincerely repent for this.

It does not represent our opinions. We took a private photo with the gift we had just received; we could have been more courteous. Twitter aspires to be a platform that is neutral for everyone. We neglected to do so in India and must enhance our customer service there.”

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In 2019, she persuaded then-CEO Jack Dorsey not to sell political advertisements for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a decision that drew both praise and criticism.

She was one of the most influential Twitter employees involved in the decision to suspend the former president’s account. Gadde earned approximately $17 million in 2021 and roughly $7.3 million in 2020 as Twitter’s chief legal officer.

The announcement of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in 2022 increased interest in Gadde. Musk contested Twitter’s current practices, contending that the company should only remove content when required by law, and reprimanded Gadde for barring a New York Post article about Hunter Biden.

During a virtual conference with the policy and legal teams, it is alleged that Gadde expressed concern and discussed substantial uncertainty regarding Twitter’s future under Musk’s likely leadership.

Musk’s criticism of Gadde prompted controversy due to the online abuse Gadde received, which included racial slurs and conjecture that Musk may have violated the terms of the takeover agreement, which prohibited him from publishing negative tweets about the company or its officials.

Vijaya Gadde career

Musk’s remarks paralleled other criticisms of Gadde, especially from the political right, who have accused her of being Twitter’s “leading censorship champion” for her role in barring the account of former U.S. President Donald Trump.

It also followed criticism of Twitter’s decision, in which Gadde participated, to restrict sharing of a New York Post article found on Hunter Biden’s laptop during the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in which his father, Joe Biden, was a candidate.

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Jack Dorsey subsequently determined that this decision was inappropriate. Others, such as former colleagues and law professor Danielle Citron, have supported Gadde, stating that he understood the impact of online harassment.

As Twitter’s Chief Legal Officer, she received Elon Musk’s letter announcing the termination of the Twitter purchase on July 8, 2022. Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, she was dismissed on October 27, 2022, along with Twitter’s CEO Parag Agrawal and CFO Neal Segal, according to The Washington Post.

Vijaya Gadde Husband

Vijaya Gadde Husband

Vijaya Gadde and her spouse Ramsey Homsany were married in the United States. Her spouse is a tech executive and attorney. Additionally, he is known to have worked for companies such as Dropbox and Google.

Vijaya Gadde and her spouse Ramsey Homsany were still married and had not disclosed any information about their children.

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Vijaya Gadde Controversy

Elon Musk is bringing back the enthusiasm of the Donald Trump era when Twitter’s CEO would proclaim “Law” in response to a tweet with a misspelled word sent at midnight. Musk possesses a sarcastic and frequently malicious sense of humor.

Although he can spell, he is just as ruthless when insulting people he dislikes. He attacked Vijaya Gadde, whom he claimed was Jack Dorsey’s “conscience keeper” and the individual who decided to ban Trump from Twitter.

Musk promptly responded to a tweet that singled out Gadde for weeping while discussing the takeover with her staff. He stated that Twitter made an error when it attempted to prevent the spread of false information about a news story involving Hunter Biden, the son of US Vice President Joe Biden.

It should not have disabled the account and access of a New York Post reporter. It was entirely Musk. It was knowing that critics would mistreat the immigrant without remorse.

If nearly everyone believed that Musk would terminate Twitter’s chief executive officer, Parag Agrawal, then firing at Gadde was almost identical.

What is Vijaya Gadde’s net worth?

The net worth of Vijaya Gadde is approximately $55 million.

What Is Vijaya Gadde’s Husband’s Name?

Vijaya Gadde and her spouse Ramsey Homsany were married in the United States.

How Tall is Vijaya Gadde?

Vijaya Gadde has an attractive height of 1.68 meters.

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