9xRockers – Latest Bollywood, Telugu, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Download

9xRockers 2022: 9xRockers cannot be forgotten when it comes to downloading movies from the internet, Because it is quite a trend for movie downloading like Tamilrockers, from which Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil Hindi dubbed movies are downloaded. In this post, we are telling only about 9xrockers. Read the complete article so that you will know what 9xrockers is and how to download movies from it.

The Internet is considered to be the best source of entertainment and we all use the internet for timepass, research, and knowledge. People like to download and watch free movies from the internet for entertainment, Perhaps you too must have downloaded some or the other movie from the internet at some point or the other. It was not like this a few years ago today because internet data was very expensive at that time, But after the arrival of Jio, internet data has become cheap, and watching movies online has become easy.

Along with watching movies online on the internet, there are many pirated websites like 9x rockers to download 9xrockers Telugu movies, Which provides the service of downloading movies 9xrockers Malayalam. Because of these, the movie maker suffers crores of losses, although the government is also banning them. The government banned their domain name, and URL, but this site takes 9xRokers new domain and makes a new site.

What Is 9xRockers

9xrockers.com is a pirated website, which makes pirated versions of the latest movies available for free download online on its site, Meaning that this is a torrent website providing free movies download service, in which pirated movies are uploaded for free download. We can download 9xrockers Telugu, 9xrockers Malayalam, 9xrockers Tamil, Telugu dubbed Hollywood movies, Kannada, Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Hindi Movies free download, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, South Indian Movies and Pakistani Serial from 9xrockers.com website

The print and quality of all the movies available on the 9xrockers.net website will also be good. Users can select their favorite movie format. Talking about movie quality, it is available to download Full HD 1080p, HD 720p, Mp4 420p, 320p, Dual Audio, MKV, and 300mb movies.

Apart from Hollywood Telugu Dubbed Movies, you can also download TV Shows and Web series from this site. Talking about TV serials, 9xRockers has recently brought Sacred Game Season 2 online. This is a great website for users who like to watch Bollywood, and Hollywood movies because on this you can also download Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies.

9xRockers – Latest Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Web Series, Malayalam, Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Download

Who is the owner of the 9xrockers website? No one has solid evidence about this yet. The 9X rockers have been placed at a remote location. Due to this, our government has not been able to trace the owner of this website. Running such a website is a crime in our country.

9xRockers Telugu was formed in 2011. It took some time for it to become popular. Right now you will get all kinds of movies in it. One of its special features is that you can also watch movies online without downloading. This website became quite popular in 2018. At that time, this website had crossed more than 15 lakh visitors. Since then its owner has decided that all kinds of movies will have to be put in it.

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9xrockers Movies Categories And Format

On 9X Rockers, you will get to see the categories of many movies and their formats will also be different like you have in the category of movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, Webs series,  9xrockers Telugu, 9xrockers Telugu movies, 9xrockers Malayalam, Telugu dubbed movies 9xrockers,9xrockers Telugu movies, 9xrockers  Telugu movies download, 9xrockers Tamil, Telugu dubbed Hollywood movies, 9xrockers Telugu, Telugu movies download 2019, Hollywood movies dubbed in Telugu free download in HD 720p, etc.

  • 1080p Full HD Movies,
  • 720p HD Movies,
  • 408p HD Movies,
  • 360p Movies
  • Mp4 Movies,
  • MKV Movies
  • 300mb Movies
  • Dual Audio Movies

9xRockers 300mb Movies Download

If you are wondering how the movies will be in 300mb and whether they happen or not, then tell you which will be the original print of the movies You will get it in 300MB movies download, which are pirated prints, they print more MB because they do not have hot paid software so that they can compress the movies and reduce their size.


9xRockers Dual Audio Movies

Do You Know About Dual Audio Movies If You Watch Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies Then You Will Know What Happens In Dual Audio Movies If you do not know then do not take tension, today we will tell you what happens in dual audio? Dual Audio Movies have 2 audios of one movie in another language and the advantage of dual audio movies of another language is that you do not have to download 2-2 movies from different languages. You get dual audio movies in a single movie. So hopefully you must have come to know about Dual Audio Movies.

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Why is 9xRockers.com not working?

If you open 9xrockers.com in your browser now, then it will not open, because this website is constantly migrating from new domains because the pirated site is not allowed in our country. That’s why the government bans these websites. But these people again get their site back online with a new domain, If you want to download movies from this website, then first of all you have to know about its new domain.

Full List of 9xrockers Domain

As I have already told you that the government closes the pirated site. Many domains of this website have been blocked. We are going to tell you some of them below:

9xrockers.today 9xrockers.press 9xrockers.biz 9xrockers.in 9xrockers.pro 9xrockers.to 9xrockers.guru 9xrockers.run 9xrockers.proxy 9xrockers.info 9xrockers.link 9xrockers.top 9xrockers.asia 9xrockers.win 9xrockers.vet 9xrockers.side 9xrockers.online 9xrockers.lol 9xrockers.bid 9xrockers.net 9xrockers.best 9xrockers.life 9xrockers.bid 9xrockers.one 9xrockers.pro 9xrockers.casa 9xrockers.wang 9xrockers.pic 9xrockers.app 9xrockers.works 9xrockers.yoga

How To Download Movies From 9xrockers

If you want to download movies from 9X Rockers, then we are telling you step by step below. First, let me tell you that if you have never downloaded movies from the internet before, then it can be difficult for you to download movies.

Step 1: First of all you have to go to the 9xrockers site by finding its working domain and then search for the movies you want to download or go to the category of the movie you want to download and select that movie.

Step 2: Now you have 2 options in front of you, one you can watch movies online or you can download movies.

Step 3: If you want to download movies, then you will get direct links to download movies according to this quality.

In this way, you can download movies easily from the 9xrockers site website, after reading the above steps you will find it very easy. But actually, it’s not so easy because when you open the site, you will get to see many ads like pop-up ads, link ads, and banner ads, all these ads will be seen. And all these are third-party ads that download malware to your device and through which your device can be hacked and your personal information can be leaked. If you believe me, stay away from these movie sites as much as you can and go to the cinema hall to watch movies.

9xrockers New Link | New URL Of 9xrockers

As I have mentioned above piracy is illegal and their domain is blocked by the government. Therefore it is very difficult to find a new link to this site. But you can join the 9xrockers Facebook page and either you can find its new link through #9xrockers.

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9xrockers Telegram Channel – Download 9xrockers Telugu Movies

If you do not know about 9x Rockers new domain even with the help of social media, then you can join its Telegram channel. If you search the 9xrockers telegram channel in google then you will get to join the Telegram channel from where you can join.

Why not download movies from pirated movie downloading sites?

You must know that 2-3 movies are released every week. All these films are released for viewing in cinema halls. A lot of hard work goes into making every movie. Everyone contributes a lot to the films and crores of rupees have been spent on making them. When these people release movies to watch in cinema halls so they are expected that people will come to more and more cinema halls to watch their films So that they get good results from their spent money and hard work.

That’s why the government has banned all such websites that post pirated versions of the original content. For this, the government has made very big rules and along with the punishment has also been fixed, those who do piracy can be punished with 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to 10 lakhs. Apart from this, both punishments can also be given. Newsaddi.com never advise you to download pirated movie from such a website, Rather, it makes you aware that by not downloading any kind of content from such a website, choose the right way to do entertainment.


According to Indian law, piracy of original content is a punishable crime. Newsaadi.com opposes piracy. The content in this post is only to give you information about illegal activities.